Treatments for all kinds of packaging

ISI s.r.l. modern plant has been divided into four production units, so as to offer a customized painting approach to customers coming from very different sectors.

Spray painting department

This department includes eight automatic painting machines with double line transport pins. This way, we can ensure solvent- or water-based painting to our customers, with reduced environmental impact, and finishes ideal for cosmetics and perfumery packaging. The colour range available includes matte or shiny nuances, also with mirror-like effect, pleasant to the touch and wear-resistant.

ISI | International System Industry

Besides traditional finishes, ISI s.r.l. also creates chromatic effects, such as shading colours with personalized nuances, and the soft-touch painting option, perfect for pens, with its improved grip and comfort during writing.

Wire-drawn painting department

If your company wants to rely on a trusted partner, to paint its writing or plastic cosmetic tubes, ISI s.r.l. stands out from its competitors, not just for its quality processing, but also for its 100% customized approach. We work alongside each one of our customers to create the right colour combination for your brand’s communication needs.

To paint plastic, metal or glass cylinder-shaped items, we have a department with four wire-drawn painting lines and latest-generation machines, which ensure the utmost aesthetic yield on painted products, thanks to an even colour application on a preset area.


Inkjet marking department

In this department, we have one- or two-colour automatic screen-printingmachines, with mechanical position search and screen-printing optical search option, to allow our expert technicians to print cylinder pieces without any reference.

Moreover, in those situations where accuracy is key, and our customers need to decorate very small surfaces, our one-to-five colour padprinting machinesallow us to work automatically on more than one side at a time, with the added benefit of maximum speed and print fidelity, even on very different materials. This type of printing– also known as pad printing – is perfect for very small surfaces, such as pens, pencils and other writing items, which can be customized to become exclusive gadgets.

ISI s.r.l. screen printing and pad printing systems were developed within our Crescentino plant (VC), and are complemented by two laser machines for all-round décors. For further info, visit the “Contact us” section on our website, or call us at +39 0161 1735102.

ISI | International System Industry

Hot-stamping department

Hot-stamping allows customizing items withlogos or drawings in metal-effect colours – much appreciated for their vibrant effect. The benefit of this kind of stamping is given especially by the way this technique can adapt to different materials (metal, plastics and even glass), by transferring the metal film also on already painted items, without damages.

In addition,hot stamping can be performed on flat, oval or cylinder surfaces, as long as the subject to be printed is not too small (in that case, pad printing would be a better option). In our hot stamping department, we have five 100% automated machines, perfect for all-round printing, and three “classic” machines for flat printing.

Among the hot stamping applications, we find perfumery and cosmetics, where packaging requires classy decorations, capable of conveying the sophistication of the products hidden by the package.